Horvát Román Angol Magyar

Fields of activity


Our company not only trades with the equipments manufactured by the companies we represent but we also do engineering  and maintenance works, and overhauls of appliances.



AQUINNO SERVICE Kft. offers delivery of individual or system solution machines as well as complete facilities.

In case of centrifuges for example part of our delivery is the design of an installation including outline and foundation plans.
We may also support designers in the preliminary and main phases of projects by providing AutoCad drawings of main equipments to find the technically, technologically and economically most efficient system solution. 
We supply only original spare parts for all delivered machines.

Some appliances we have in our supply:
•  HILLER centrifuges (for 2- or 3-phase separation)
•  IEA screw presses                                                                                                                                                            •  WendeWolf® solar sludge dryers
•  SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps and macerators
•  polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing systems,
•  screw-conveyors,
•  electromagnetic indiction flow-meters,
•  frequency converters,
•  electric switch- and control cabinets


We can do the engineering and electric works for the mechanical and electrical equipments delivered by us and/or manufactured by the companies we represent.

As a finishing step of this activity there is a test-run of the equipments according to standards, start-up of the machines and education of the future operators.
If required we can design facilities as we have the necessary human potentials, instruments and knowledge for evaluation of the projects.

Maintenance works

We undertake the maintenance of all the equipments delivered by us and/or manufactured by the companies we represent, in both under- and post-guarantee periods.
Our service cars are  always on duty in Hungary or abroad and can be contacted any time.


We regularly do overhaul works of  the equipments delivered by us and/or manufactured by the companies we represent (e.g. decanting centrifuges, pumps etc.) using the same modern technologies as the manufacturers.