Horvát Román Angol Magyar

Our Quality Policy


Our Goals

In order to meet our customers` demands we established a quality management system that covers  our organization, operations  and our products` and services’ quality in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 international standards.

Our primary goal is to meet our customers` requirements by introducing environmental protection systems and popularizing leading technologies that functionally incorporate into the social and economic environment.

We seek to improve our organization and operations by not only meeting our clients` needs and guaranteeing the quality of our services, but also providing a motivating, reliable  athmosphere for our employees. 


Our Customers’ Demands

We guarantee to our customers the high level execution of tasks - from design to repairs in  guarantee and also other services.
In all cases we offer our clients the most time-honoured, leading technologies and technical solutions.
We seek to develop long-lasting partnerships and upon request we provide genuine accessories from the manufacturers we represent beside providing a high-level service background.


Our Suppliers

We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and expect the same high quality services from them than what we provide.
With our present and future suppliers we continuously work on developing partnerships that are fruitful for both parties.


Our Employees

We provide our employees outstanding technical and social workplace conditions which help them achieve their professional potentials in the long term.

We expect them to be commited to their jobs, to know and to apply our quality management system and to have a work attitude which brings along our customers` satisfaction.